Delay on the notification of phase 2

Because reviewing on phase 2 has not yet finished, We are so sorry to inform you that notifications of the paper acceptance on phase 2 are delayed until May 15, 2017.


2016 2nd ICSITech has been posted to IEEE Xplore

Congratulations! 2016 2nd International Conference on Science in Information Technology (ICSITech) has been posted to IEEE Xplore effective 2017-02-16.


Notification of accepted paper has been extended

Actually, we have made decisions for some submitted papers on phase 1, and we have notified the decisions to respective authors. However, since there were some troubles with EDAS and there are many papers to be reviewed, unfortunately we would like to inform you that there are some papers that haven't yet finished to be reviewed. So "Notification of accepted paper" will be extended to February 15, 2017.